“Straight From The Detective’s Mouth”

If you are interested in learning about how detectives investigate juvenile child abuse and adult sexual assault cases, you might want to attend the October 18th Sexual Abuse PATH Coalition of NWO’s next Circle. From 11am – 1pm, Sgt. Timothy Campbell of the Toledo Police will discuss the investigative process and entertain questions from attendees.

The Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing (SA PATH) meet the 3rd Monday of each month at Cordelia Health Center on Division @ Nebraska, Toledo Ohio. To join the Coalition’s mailing list go to www.mynirvananow.org.

The mission of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing Coalition (SA  PATH Coalition) is to work to eliminate all forms of  child sexual abuse and sexual violence and to advocate for the rights and needs of survivors and co-survivors in Northwest Ohio.

Death All Around Me

Over the last 30 days I received three communications about fellow survivors, who have touch my life over their years, who had either attempted to or had committed suicide. Knowing much of their stories, it wasn’t all of their first time doing so. All three of these women are/were powerful women. Intelligent. Talented. Giving. Yet, the overwhelm of their sexual abuse experiences is/was great. I’m so sadden. I’m happy for the ones who are now at rest. No more fighting for sanity, fear, nightmares, disappointments, loses, pain. Only peace.
Knowing these women and realizing there are so many more like them only makes me more determined to make public sexual violence and child sexual abuse in our communities. I’m so tired of something so insidious not being addressed. So tired of children loosing their childhood on a daily basis.

And, just as much as I was to make more public the devastating effects of the abuse, I also want victims to know their lives are not over…it is possible to have a happy fulfilled life! That message must be put out in the world as well as stories about those of us who have successfully managed the residuals of our sexual abuse experiences. I wish I knew more about pubic relations, marketing, or advertising type stuff.

Looking for Poets

Are you a budding woman poet who is a survivor of incest, child sexual abuse, or rape and would like to see your encouraging and heartfelt messages published?  If so, contact CeCe:  cece@mynirvananow.org

If you are a survivor, male or female, of incest, child sexual abuse or rape and would like to tell your story of survival, I would like to hear from you.  My agency, Nirvana Now! is planning on publicizing (in some way) “success” stories so that those who are still struggling can see that happiness following sexual abuse is possible.  Everyone needs hope and encouragement.  It can be a lonely road sometimes.

Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing Coalition Circle

If you are interesting in eradicating incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence, join us on Monday June 21st from 11:30 – 1:00pm at Cordelia Martin Health Center on Division at Nebraska.  It’s free. Bring your lunch. We could use your input if you are a professionals, survivor, co-survivor, or just interested in helping.  Hope to see many people there.  We need everyone’s help to stop this PREVENTABLE issue.  No child should be sexually abused, No adult should be raped.

A 14 year old girls rape experience

I read this on a teen dating website.  This is why EVERYONE on our planet has TO STOP SEXUAL ASSAULT.  It brought me to tears. 

I need to talk to someone… i want to tell someone my r,a,p,e story… even the details.

will some please let me tell it to them… if you have 1 to i will read it

Update: June 07, 2010.
ok… heres my story i went to the movies the other day with my boyfriend Cole, my friend Jada, and her boyfriend Sam. We were watching the movie Shrek because that was the only movie playing that night. we were about half way through the movie when my boyfriend started makeing out with me and asked me if i wanted to go to his car. i said yes and i asked my friend jada if she wanted to come with me and take her boyfriend. she said yes too.. when we got to the car we sat there for about 5 minutes until ]Sam asked Cole if he was ready. Cole said yes. me and jada thought we were just going to drive around for a while or something… but we were wrong… they took us to a field and then grabbed both of us and started to hit us and take our clothes off.. we were both scared and were screaming. i knew at that point what was going on… i blacked out and when i woke up i was in a cabin with jada and we were both tied down… we could see some wips and some sexual toys… we were both naked… finally cole and sam walked in and grabbed the wips… they started hitting us with them and teling us that we were very naughty for trying to hit them and run away. after that they got undressed and started to come close to us.. cole started to finger me and started kissing me and then Sam went over and got a vibrator and started it on jada…. she was screaming and crying… then cole told sam that he was tired of messing around so he pulled out his c.o.c.k and put it in me.. after he did that for a while i blacked out because of the pain… when i woke up i was bleading and he was doing it again but in my back side with no lube… it hurt really bad… when i looked over to where jada was she was gone… i was screaming for her and cole said that she decided that she liked it and so she was having a little fun… but apparently they had told her to do something but she wouldnt so they sam was beating her outside the cabin… finally jada walked back in a told me she was sorry while she was crying… i asked her for what and she grabbed the wip and started to wip me… i then blacked out again and wock up in the hospital.. cole and sam are in jail.. jada is pregnant… i just needed to tell my story to get it out of me

– Asked by Girl, 14
Bless this young girl for reaching out. Talking is the beginning of recovery.

Madam President

When a friend sent me an e-mail with Madam President in the subject, I was intrigued.  Upon opening it I realized she was talking about me!  She was congratulating me on being elected as Board President for the Ohio Alliance To End Sexual Violence.  Don’t know exactly how it happened but,  if I know nothing else, I know there are no coincidences in life.    As each day passes, the excitement and responsibility sinks in.  There are so many issues, initiatives, and work that needs to be done.  I’m happy to be a part of it.  Why?  I believe that we must create a national movement to end child sexual abuse and sexual assault of adults.  We must!  I believe in order to do that, we must grow the movement locally and expand nationally.  Frankly, I don’t know why we haven’t had one before.  I don’t understand with all of the national and local organization addressing these issues why it has not been obvious that we must all collaborate to become one huge voice.  Rape crisis centers can’t do it alone, sexual assault centers, can’t do it alone, battered women shelters can’t, private practitioners, survivors, etc. can’t do it alone.  The OAESV has as its mission the eradication of all forms of sexual violence (www.oaesv.org).  I’m really expecting that as the OAESV begins to make itself known around the State everyone will become a member so we can work collectively.

Stop Having Sex With Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so freakin’ tired of hearing about adult men in power having sex with underage girls or forcing themselves on women.  When is the S— going to stop?  When are we in our society going to stand up and do something?  I don’t get it.  Richard Neff in Dundee Michigan  for molesting girls and yesterday I see Lawrence Taylor  is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old child. They join the countless others. What the hell is going on?  Is no one connecting the dots?  We have a problem people.  We have a society where it is acceptable to f– kids.  And when people know about the abuse some don’t tell.  Do people realize that incest, child sexual abuse, and rape are all PREVENTABLE conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They don’t have to exist.  All we have to do is make the decision to stop it.  All we have to do is stand up and demand that perpetrators be swiftly prosecuted and victims and survivors given ongoing help.  All we have to do is stop sexualizing girls.  All we have to do is flood our world with the message that child molestation and rape is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.  I am so f— tired of it!  My heart can’t take it.  I’m tired of being in the mist of such lifetime sorrow with some victims and survivors.  I’m tired of our world not talking about the effects sexual abuses have on children, adults families, communities, our world.  It’s like a silent killer.  Killing every 2.5 seconds when someone in American is sexually abused.  Killing silently because some don’t admit what has just happened and those who do keep abusing.  People turn their head. Children are hostages and sex toys in their own homes. Girls are prostituted out on a daily basis. What the hell is going on?  Where is the national outcry?  Where the f– is it? 

I am so damn mad at people who can bring this issue to light and don’t.  Like celebrities and well know people who have experienced being raped as a child or adult.  You have heard of them but I bet you can’t recall many names right now.  Why?  Because they get forced out by someone into the public, write a book about it, and you hear nothing else.  I can’t recall how many I have written over the years asking that they get involved. And no response.  I am so pissed at Oprah, in particular, right now I could spit.  Oprah! Queen of everything. Everyone knows her abuse story.  And yet, I hear her talking on TV about starting a “national movement” to end texting while driving!  What! (Now don’t get me wrong when need to focus on that as well). But Oprah using her celebrity to start a “national movement” to end texting!  A recent phenomena in our society. Give me a break.  What about using her celebrity to start a NATIONAL MOVEMENT TO END CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND RAPE!  What about that!

I’m also sick of the people who make a living off of incest, rape, child sexual abuse and don’t do a damn thing (sorry about my language today, I guess) to prevent it or increase awareness.  It’s as if they too believe we can’t eradicate it so they dont’ mind taking the money from victims.  Shameful!

  I couldn’t believe how little press The National Sexual Assault Awareness Month got in April in Lucas County.  They were multiple events, and proclamations received from Mayor Bell and the Lucas County Commissioners and not one word reported.  Why?  Does the media not have a responsibility to help with this issue?  I was told the showing of footage for the Commissioners’ proclamation was preempted by a fire. What?  something that impacts an entire community is not important enough to give it 30 seconds of time.  The newspapers didn’t write a thing.  At the mayoral proclamation the media was there for a press conference on a political issue but didn’t stay around to report on the proclamation.  Why?  F–kids and raping women can be stopped media people!   Can’t you help here?  I know for a fact I’ve sent out lists of activities recognizing the month and I didn’t see the media in force.  Why not? 

If you want to learn how to react responsibly to child sexual abuse, On Monday, May 10th the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center is having a 3-hour workshop entitle Stewards of Children that is filled with lots of information.  Its free.  If you are a parent or work with children in any way you should attend.  They are located at 2460 Cherry Street.  Call Sandi Nugent to register at 292-2927.  Limited seats available.

Ohio Alliance To End Sexual Violence Seats Board Members

On Monday I, along with 6 other individuals were seated as founding board members of the Ohio Alliance To End Sexual Violence. Basically, the goal of the Alliance is to eradicate all forms of sexual violence.  I’m excited about the appointment and look forward to making a contribution. I hope to encourage northwest Ohio victims, survivors, co-survivors, and professionals to join (www.oaesv.org)  and use the organization to have their voice heard. It’s important that we hear from everyone so the efforts of everyone will be directed toward only those issues that matter to people.  I also hope to get support from everyone by providing me information to take to board meeting so real changes can be made. So help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to represent northwest Ohio well.

I hope lots of people will join the Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing (SA-PATH) Coalition of northwest Ohio in City Council Changers on Monday, April 26 when mayor Bell proclaims April as National Sexual Assault Awreness Month.  Please be prepared to show a photo ID. The proclmation will be done at the regular Council meeting.



The rough definition of reciprocity is “give and take.”  I am so tired of the people who take from survivors via providing billable services and don’t help to end sexual abuse of children or sexual assault.  I don’t understand it.  It’s as if their inaction  shouts loud and clear that there is nothing that can be done to stop it. 

Counselors, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, director or whatever your title.  Incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual assault are all preventable!!!!  Come out of your offices and get involved in prevention and awareness efforts right here in northwest Ohio, if you REALLY want to help your clients.

The Best Day

Today was the best day I have had in a long time. Or maybe its more correct to say the most affirming day I have had in a long time. This morning the Lucas County Commissioners, Ben Konop, Tina Skeldon Wazniak, Ben Konop, presented the Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing Coalition of NWO with a proclamation which proclaimed April as National Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Lucas County. I had the opportunity to accept the proclamation on behave of SA PATH and address the Commissioners. (There is a copy of the video on facebook and U-tube). It was such an noteworthy experience because this is the first time the Commissioners has made this type of proclmation and their doing so removed another layer of the shroud of secrecy. Hats off the the Commissioners. They “get it.”